SoulFresh Sustainability Commitment

Agcore Technologies / SoulFresh Proteins Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Vision:      

At Agcore Technologies, we are committed to providing the highest quality farm-to-table food and farm-to-animal feed while working to improve the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of the world in which we operate. This vision will be accomplished in a work environment that fosters innovation and creativity through the development of practices that reduce natural resource utilization, optimize energy efficiencies and technologies, and adds value for our clients, communities, and planet.

Sustainable Plant-Based Protein Crop:      

SoulFresh Proteins spirulina developed by Agcore Technologies is considered a whole and complete food indicating that it contains all essential and nonessential amino acids. This nutrient dense crop has high bio-availability reducing the need for additional vitamins and minerals. More than half of our crop weight is protein, which is superior to all meats and most plant based crops. This super food is exceptionally energy and resource efficient and is a net consumer of the greenhouse gas CO² through photosynthesis.

Responsible Land Use:      

SoulFresh Proteins spirulina is grown in clear deep-water tanks inside greenhouses that can be positioned regardless of soil quality so no arable (farm) land is utilized. This farming model maximizes product integrity and crop yield per square foot while simultaneously eliminating the need for pesticides, fungicides, or the utilization of fertile land.

Responsible Water Use:      

Our spirulina is grown in deep-water tanks with an efficient water to crop ratio. All water is locally sourced from Rhode Island, and we purify our water to recycle back into the tanks after harvest. This minimizes water pollution and utilization.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:      

Through photosynthesis our spirulina utilizes the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO²) at approximately 2:1 ratio, making us a net consumer of CO². All of the operations and harvesting is done by hand to ensure product integrity and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating motorized vehicles within the facility. Furthermore, the greenhouses rely on natural light rather than artificial lighting, further reducing the energy demand of the farm.

Commitment to Local:      

Agcore Technologies has a strong commitment to supporting the local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field within Southern New England. Every year, Agcore Technologies hires 2-3 paid interns from local universities in Rhode Island. All full-time employees are life-long Rhode Island residents working in the STEM field.