Necessity is the Mother of Invention

December 03, 2017

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes it was important for me to find a snack food that I could work into my new eating lifestyle that was nutritious, delicious and diabetes-friendly. I had met with a Nutritionist and Dietician who gave me guidelines for both carbohydrate and protein intake during snacks; the amount of carbs was low and the protein was high.

I began my search and started with nuts, they satisfied my hunger without that bloated feeling and were easy to find in any store if I was out and about or traveling. There were a few others that came and went; low carb brownie bites, and lots of protein bars none of which I really loved and some that bothered my digestion. They were packed with calories and realistically more carbs I should consume for a meal let alone a snack!…

All along my husband Larry and I were working non-stop to build the spirulina farm, consuming our spirulina in it’s powder form in smoothies, drinks and experimenting adding it to sauces and recipes. I was not overly enthusiastic about spirulina-based snacks already on the market because they may have been nutritious and diabetes friendly but certainly weren’t delicious!

If necessity is the mother of invention, Larry is the father!

Sensing my frustration, one day he took nuts and seeds and enrobed them in our freshly harvested spirulina and dehydrated it at very low temperatures. He knew I would be brutally honest with my reviews. I got to the farm and he said, “try this”, it was a green cluster, packed with protein and low in carbs and it was DELICIOUS.

And so it began, I experimented with different formulas, added cinnamon (and some trade secrets) and CrunchLina was born! We had raised two great sons and now we had a new baby. Larry says that he invented it and I made it better! Over the past few years CrunchLina has taken on many shapes and sizes, been tested by hundreds of people and we are thrilled that it is now available to the masses.

My favorite way to eat CrunchLina is right out of the bag, similar to a trail mix – but that isn’t the only way! I sprinkle it on my hot or cold cereal in the morning and mix it in my yogurt at lunch. I love sharing CrunchLina with family and friends alike. The best part is hearing how they like to eat it. Diane told me that she put it on ice cream; Julie put it on oven-roasted veggies the last few minutes they were in the oven and always uses it as a salad topping. Everyone agrees, CrunchLina is filling, satisfying and not bloating; the perfect snack!