“Miranda, how in the world did you end up working for a Spirulina algae company?”

October 28, 2017

This is a question that I have become very used to hearing, in part due to the quirkiness of the position. The uniqueness of this company was a huge draw for me, but that aside I suppose that it is important to set the stage to answer this question.

I’m Miranda (or Randy), a recent graduate from Roger Williams University with a degree in Environmental Science and minors in Sustainability Studies and Business. Reading between the lines, this means that for the past four years my nose has been buried in books about topics ranging from environmental chemistry to atmospheric physics to the interaction of biology with the physical environment. A large portion of my education involved sustainability science and studying the interface of the environment, humans, and the economy. A solution to an issue is not truly sustainable unless it can be defended by social, economic, and environmental standpoints. THIS is the part of my education that drew me to work at Agcore Technologies…

So how exactly does my education relate to a start-up algae company? Sure, the two topics are within the sciences, but that is like saying a chihuahua and a great dane are both dogs- it’s not a lie, but there are some significant differences between the two. What drew me to this position wasn’t the actual Spirulina farming, but rather the cascading impacts that a product like this can have on the environment and people.

Let me explain… One serving of Spirulina algae contains all of the vitamins and minerals that a person requires on a daily basis. This is good news for people looking for an additive to their morning smoothie, but phenomenal news for people living in food deserts and malnourished populations. A food source like this has the potential to heal those who are sick, nurture those who are starving, and promote good health through the general community, making Spirulina exceptionally socially sustainable.
Spirulina requires minimal energy to grow, has a very fast growth rate, and is a plant-based protein source making it environmentally sustainable food in comparison to other protein sources such as chicken or beef. The business model for the Spirulina farm is economically sustainable and we are able to provide the public with product at a reasonable price. (For more info about our sustainability commitment look at (_link to sust committment_).

So all in all, I chose to work at Agcore Technologies because of its mission to create yummy food that heals people while healing the earth.


· Kim P on December 31, 2017
My mom purchased the Crunchlina for me for xmas, she has heard me praise the nutritional value of Spirulina over the years, so when she saw it she thought I might like it. My husband and I LOVE this stuff!! Also appreciate and respect your business model! You have 2 new customers, and we will be sharing! Thank you!

· Marcia House on December 23, 2017
I just discovered your company and products at the NK farmers market. I’m very enthusiastic to hear of your spirulina farm and products! I love everything about it and will start using it daily. I’m giving it for Christmas gifts and I feel so happy to pass on this great sustainable product. Thank you thank you!!!!